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Make Money Blogging At No Cost

Welcome to www.makemoneybanc.blogspot.com,my internet business geared toward providing free information on the money-making opportunities that abound online,and especially through free blogging.

Here at www.cashbanc.blogspot.com,I uncover any and all legal internet businesses that I participate in with full details of:

  1. the steps I took,
  2. the requirements I had to meet and,
  3. sometimes, the challenges I had to face,

while trying these online opportunities.

I would also tell of the sweet side-which is the money I had to make as a result of all the efforts.

Contrary to what most internet entrepreneurs(netpreneurs) have done as well as believe in,I took to starting my own internetbusiness with a free website - that is what the techies would call shared hosting

I had to do this for two reasons:

  1. to remove the apathy that exists among netpreneurs about shared hosting. Many people don't like sharing part of their website address (.blogspot.com in this case) with others,but in real life ,that is exactly what they do.

    For instance,you cannot claim to have a unique first name - you share the same name with thousands other people,even outside your genealogy. Also,you share your last name with scores of family members,as well as with other families of the world. Then they come online and sharing becomes a taboo.

    I believe that sharing is a sign of love and I would rather encourage ,that discourage it.In fact,shared hosting have helped many of us who would not have had the luxury of starting our internet business with a paid hosting.
  2. to prove a point - which is that it is very possible to make money from a free blog.

    So many people don't share the belief that anything good could come out of a free blogging venture,but here I come to disprove them.

    I know of a couple of free blogs that rank higher that tens of millions of paid websites, and I know a few people who are earning thousands monthly with their free blogs,and my mission is to create many more of these wealthy free bloggers using the tutorials that I would be providing with this website on a regular basis.

    I wanted to help those who don't have much money but who want to start earning from blogging- a challenge from which I got the drive to start this business- the:


    My mission is to show them how to make money with a free website like this one, before migrating to a paid website if they so wish,and if the need be.

    My vision is to create scores of millionaire free bloggers through the tutorial on this blog.
My job of starting my own internet business got even easier and more fun when I discovered that I could redesign my website to my taste and choice using this free blogging tool- blogger.com- provided by Google Inc., and it's getting better and much more fun day after day.What more can I ask for?

Incredible enough,using the blogger.com tool to publish web pages is as simple as type and click a button- and your page would be live for the world to see. If that is so, why would a begiiner pay for expensive hosting and design service,and still struggle to publish web pages for lack of the technical know-how(HTML,CSS,etc.)

Although I would be teaching you some coding here, you would not need to become an expert in order to run your free website successfully,as is the case if you were to use a paid hosting service. In fact,you only need basic coding technique to start blogging- that is like ABCD... in schooling.

As far as this brand is concerned,I am the first to come out with a tutorial on cash blogging with free websites. A google search authoritatively tells me so.So I would be giving you the best of ideas and teaching on this niche, as I learn from professional bloggers who earn money with paid blogs.

I am not saying I am an encyclopedia in this field,because I know that I have just blazed a trail and others would follow suit sooner or later; I am only saying thatif you follow my guide on this website painstakingly,making money online with a free blog would become as simple as ABC, as this is the only comprehensive and up-to-date make-money-with-free-blogs article-loaded website online.If you doubt it,google.

As at the time of starting this blog, I only have $29 adsense earnings but I wish to make thousands of dollars with it through the concerted effort of my input in terms of value-giving posts.

As I would be writing in the future,the only formular for making money with blogs is:

Original/Quality Content = Traffic = Money.

If you have read up till this point,then your interest is my concern,and I urge you to visit regularly as I teach you step-by-step, what I have learned from umpteen experts.