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Traffic: Measured in Words, Not Numbers

John Onam

Recently, I wrote frequently asked questions about my SEO clients. Here are a few can be identified:

* How much traffic do I need to earn $ 10,000 a month in sales?

* How do I get people to click my Facebook page?

* Why would anyone follow me on Twitter?

* If the only success online because they are famous?

* How many links do I need to hit the first page of Google?

These questions will be invited to almost every call. Of course, the keywords and markets are different, but it's my job to manage customer expectations and provide them with the facts. Most callers just want straight answers, but sometimes one of them will listen and begin to understand what it really is, to get a good search rankings. I know that the ProBlogger is full of great listeners and students, here is my advice to three years of SEO knowledge.

Forget the numbers look at the graph forms

Well, you can use numbers as a guide, but unless you start a magazine or a website focused on advertising, why worry about the numbers? The difference in sales was generated from 5,000 visitors per month or 10,000 per month is very low. Believe me!

What you need to do is look at the shape graph for the last six months. Is that in the right direction?. If not, see where your best traffic source, and seeks to add content to this source. For example, if your Facebook page makes 500 visits per month, add a few photos per week and perhaps a video or two.

Trying to integrate action buttons after surgery

A recent visitor did not know about you, but the buyer is not likely. I read ProBlogger two years before I gave Mr. Rowse any cash, but when I purchased the audiobook from iTunes, I have recommended a product for post-5000 people on Twitter.

I believe that much stronger, what to buy for traffic, as quickly share the story. Web designers talk about this. Integrating the Share button on the transaction, your blog can take five minutes to encode and cheaper than you thought!

Build your story

It's amazing how many business owners I speak for fear of the Internet. When I suggest that you must have a photograph and a brief history about themselves on their sites, which are resisting the idea.

Look at every successful business there, and you can quickly see the trend: there is one face of the company logo on the website and other media. In most cases, a short story belongs to the owner of the most memorable. GaryVaynerchuk example, its history, it turns out rapidly Family Guy, wine expert and loves the New York Jets.

I always ask my clients to start slowly and build up to this, perhaps starting with the name and photo, or even a picture of their faces. Over time, they become more comfortable to build a list of their hobbies or completely, for example. It is great exercise that will enhance your Web site. I'm working on mine now!

Imagine that you are visitor

We've all seen thousands of sites. So these days when we visit a site, what happens in our minds? "Nice Logo? Not interested." (Well, maybe graphic designers.) "Post Blog? Not so great." Most bloggers are not so great at writing persuasive messages, and good content is not enough to stop a visitor back button.

My advice is to think of it this way: Your goal is to keep the brand new visitor to your site for two minutes. I noticed that it is a good incentive to get the client to make changes I've mentioned here. Try it yourself and let us know how you go to the comments.