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How To Make $10,000 Per Week with A Free Website

John Onam

After reading this post,and applying all I have taught therein,you should making $10,000 from your free blog would be a piece of cake.But,I know that you may be asking:
"$10,000 per week!How possible is it?"
Whether you will be making $10,000 weekly or monthly or yearly or biennially,is a matter of choice.Read on and you will discover why I said so.

Making $10,000 per week with a Blog is Simple

Since I picked an interest in this wonderful and fun internet business called Blogging, I have read success stories of bloggers who make up to $70,000 a month, and that include teen bloggers like Ashley Qualls, the richest and youngest blogger according to my record- even far richer than older(both in age and experience) bloggers-the likes of Darren Rowse, John Chow, StevePavlina.The list can go on and on, even including several other teens and I hope to join this list in few weeks as I follow my own blogging plan, which is what I am teaching you how to create in this post.

But rather than being carried away by such gigantic income,I instead chose to study closely, the secrets behind the success stories of these wealthy bloggers.The totality of the lessons learned is what I will be passing on to you all,so that just like them,we could also make nice income from blogging.

You Want to be Rich...Do What the Rich Do.
So by learning and applying the simple lessons derived from these bloggers story, I will be able to make $10,000 from my free blog.It can be that simple.

Even the Hard Part is Easy
If making money with a blog is easy, then why is every blogger not making money?
That brings us to the 'Hard Part' of blogging - the To-Do aspect of making money with your free blog, that is what you have to do before you start making money with your blog.This is what most bloggers do not pay attention to, and it is the only reason why they fail to make money.

The Hard Part of making money with a blog is as follow:
  1. Provide Value for free - FREE CONTENT
  2. Get people to see it - ADVERTISE
Just keep doing 1 and 2 above repeatedly 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month, 12 months a Year, for as many years an necessary and $10,000 a week would come as simple as ABC.So even the hard part is easy, and this is what those successful bloggers do,that is what I am doing and it is what you have to do to make such a huge sum from your blog regularly.

Now I am sounding like a voodoo priest or an abracadabra! magician,but, that is purely true and I will explain with this anecdote below:

Free Value Content

here is no such thing as success without hardwork- Shortcut Success. Success has been defined as 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, and that is why even though I got the inspiration of starting this in a flash of moment,I am going to spend time, a whole lot of it for that matter to materialise that inspiration.

The problem is that many people think that hardwork means that excruciating kind of work of being a construction worker for instance, but far from it.Let me remind you that:

2 Youngsters started Google.com approximately 10 years ago. And their mission was, and is still to provide a free search engine to help internet users find information easily online.

Also,2 youngsters,founded Yahoo.com.Their own mission was and still remains to provide free email service to all internet users worldwide.

The list can be endless, but the story remains the same, and from these two we can draw a conclusion.

Today Google founders are each worth more than $18 billion, and the Yahoo founders more than $2 billion each, and are one of the richest yougsters worlwide.

From Free Services?! How come?!!

They were providing for the people's need with value services and even without charging a dime in return. And humans like that,I mean "why buy it when you can get it for free"

Then what happened?!


With an increasing number of people testing and enjoying the free services daily the news spread, as internet users who were happy started to tell their friends and so the fever caught all taht heard and since others had to tell others after using the user base of both Yahoo and Google grew astronomically to millions of visitor daily, mostly via word of mouth.

How then did the money Come?

Browsing certainly is not our only need.We also have the need for a variety of other things such a s food, house,clothes,computer, and so on.

Realising this, and to make very good use of this daily mammoth crowd that thronged their website, these guys introduced their own products for sale. And having enjoyed free service from them,users were more than happy to patronize Google's and Yahoo's products. Because they have enjoyed free service from them, they feel comfortable to buy also from them- it's called Goodwill. You do not expect to get free clothes also from them, do you?!!

This is the psychology utilized by other netpreneurs like myspace.com, hi5.com, and so on.It is this same psychology that other successful bloggers have applied and used over the years to make hundreds of thousands of dollars, and it is this same technique that I am using.

That is why I started www.makemoneybanc.blogspot.com and my own mission as you may have known is to provide free information on how to make money with a free blog.

And since you want to be making $10,000 per week from your blog,you should be using the same technique,I recommend that and you can quote me anywhere.

Lessons Learned

From the story of Google and Yahoo summarised above,the lesson learned is that in order to make money online:
  1. First, Give something free,
  2. Second, Advertise your blog,
  3. Third, monetize the resulting traffic.
But before you start blogging you need to have a plan. And your plan should state how much you wish to make at a specified period. When you do that,you will realise that in order to use the lessons I stated above you will be working bottom up:
  1. First,How much do you want to make?
  2. Second,How much traffic do you need to make that amount of money?
  3. Third,what do you have to do to bring in that much traffic to your blog?
If you adequately know the answer to these three issues, making money with your blog would be easy and fun. But if you really don't know how to go about it,join me next week as I teach you how to create a blogging plan that would show you how to tackle those issues and help you make $10,000 per week from your blog. Before then, leave a comment, if you've got anything to say.