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How to Advertise Your Blog or Website For Free

John Onam

Everyday you update your blog, but no one reads them if you don't get to advertise it. As you post and update your site everyday, everyday promote and advertise it. If you don't know how to do this, learn it today from me

Here I will share with you some tips on how to promote and get more readers to your site. I’m not site advertising or marketing expert but I have some little knowledge that I am sure should get your site some nice deal of visitors.

Submit to Blog Directory/Topsites

There are many blog directories on the Internet. Submit your site to as many blog directories as you can. Most of them are free and some of them will ask you to add some HTML code to your site before your site will be listed in their directory.

And join topsites too. If your site is on top rank, traffic will flow to your site in droves.

Join bloggers' forum

Join and participate in bloggers forum or portals. Introduce yourself and brief politely about your site. Tell them what your site is about. I’m sure in every bloggers forum, there is a section where you can promote or show off your blog. Post something there.

Describe your blog and invite them to visit. If the forum admin enable signature in post (usually it is enable), put your site link in your signature. That way, the forum users can see your site link when you post or reply someone’s post on the forum.

Visit other blogs

Start visiting other people's blog and drop them some comments about their blog posts. Not comments say like, “What a nice site!” or “Your site's Cool!” No! Say something useful to readers of the post. It could be an additional tip to the blog post. If visitors to that site read your comment, especially if it is useful, they also will visit your own site.

Add your blog URL to Emails

In every email you send out Put your site link in your email signature. So each time you send or reply email, the receiver will see it. So they’ll know that you have a site and they will visit your site to see what your blog is about.

Exchange Link with other Bloggers

Ask other bloggers to put your blog's link on their site while you in turn will put their blog's link on your site. Do this especially with someone whohas a pagerank equal to or a little greater than yours. This will increase your page rank, thereby bringing more people to your site.

Social Bookmarking

Submit your contents to any social book marking sites like del.icio.us, Furl, etc. But make sure that you submit in your blog's category, otherwise users will ignore it.

Ping your site

This is a must. Ping your site to www.Pingoat.com or www.Pingomatic.com each time you update your site with a new post. This service will tell search engines that you have new posts that may interest them.

With these, I think you will have regular visitors to your site. But write good and useful contents on your site or you will loose them one by one.

If you have any comments or want to add up your own tips, feel free to say it by clicking on the LEAVE A COMMENT link below.