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How To Bring Traffic To Your Blog

John Onam

If you want to make money from blogging, you need high traffic on your blog. Many bloggers think there is a twist about getting traffic to their blog, but after going through this article and applying all that is therein, you will get high traffic to your blog. Here comes the best traffic suggestions I have learnt from and used to increase traffic to my blog:

1. Write valuable content
The reason you are blogging is to provide value to online users. Work hard to create comprehensive problem-solving articles. Sit down for one hour daily and brainstorm topics you can write about. Then, invest enough time to write the post and keep editing till you get a very good write up, then publish the post.

2. Publish Original Content Only
Do not copy other people’s content online and paste them on your own blog. Write your own contents from scratch to finish; that is the hardest work you will do in blogging. You can read other people’s articles and reproduce them in your own words( not verbatim.)

3. Write Regularly and Consistently
You should also choose whether you want to write:
a. One article daily
b. Three times weekly
Which option would be convenient for you? Write/publish posts on your blog as regularly and consistently as you have chosen

4. Write Timeless Content Only
Write for the future; choose a niche that is timeless for your blog and create articles that would still be valuable many years after you wrote them. This ensures that traffic keeps coming to your blog for the same series of content you created years back and that you make money from those same contents.

5. Advertise the blog
Submit your blog to as many directories as you can so that Google and other search engines would list your content in searches relating to your niche. Then, after each post on your blog, visit http://blogsearch.google.com/ping and enter your blog address, so that Google will crawl your site to register the new contents on it.

As the number of content on your blog increases over time, traffic to your blog will also increase, since your blog will have something for everyone who searches a topic on your niche. Also, visitors to your blog will always be eager to come and read what new contents you have to offer.


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