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John Onam

Every blog should have a niche that it writes about and it is the first and paramount part to be considered for a new blog. For instance, this blog talks about Making Money With Free Blogs – that is what the whole blog is all about and that is its niche. This means that every topic you find on this blog will offer tutorial that help you start a free blog and make money from it.

So, now that you also have created your own free blog, you may be wondering which niche you should choose for your blog. Here is what you need to do to make a wise choice:

1. Choose a niche that is Timeless: Timeless Niches are niches that will be useful today, tomorrow as well as years to come.

2. Choose a niche you are familiar with: That is, when you are choosing a niche for your first blog, select the niche that you can confidently write on without consulting anybody, website or book.

Below is a list of Timeless niches you can select from and start blogging about:

Food and cooking

Marriage and relationship


Computer Troubleshooting and maintenance

Money and Personal Finance

Forex Trading

Stock Trading

Educational Courses and subjects



Renewable Energy

Just choose the one you are very sure you can comfortably write on and start writing for your new blog.

It’s possible that after looking through this list, you did not find any niche you know about. In that case, Read my post about Google For Original Posts.