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How To Google For Original Blog Posts

John Onam

If you are not sure about a niche to blog about when starting your new blog, then this post is for you. Maybe you have looked through the list of Timeless Niches I enumerated in my previous post and you have still not been able to choose a niche for your blog. In that case, please follow the following guide to choose any niche today and start writing original posts on it today.

Search engines are good internet tools for learning. Hence, new bloggers can as well use it to learn a niche and start blogging that same niche. Therefore, it is not a must that you know a niche before you can blog it. You only need to follow the following instructions to start blogging any niche today even if you don’t know anything about it previously:

1. Pick any niche:

You can visit the post CHOOSING A NICHE FOR YOUR BLOG to see a list of niches from which you can choose.

2. Google That Niche:

1) Go to www.google .com, type your niche and search. You should get a list of all websites that talk about that niche.

2) Open one website by clicking on it’s link.

3) Visit all the webpages on that website and save a couple of those pages on your hard drive, so that you will be able to view/edit them offline.

4) Open another website, repeat process (3.) again until you are satisfied with the quantity of content you now have on your hard drive.

3. Edit/Summarise the Googled Contents

Nobody wants to come with a website that contains posts they have seen elsewhere, so do not just copy, paste and publish the saved webpages on your blog. This is what you should do with the web pages you saved on your hard drive:

1) Open each of those saved webpages.

2) Read the content.

3) Write what you learn in your own words.

This is necessary in order that you may have original contents for your blog and not copied contents. This is very important to making money with your blog.

4. Publish the Summary

Now, copy all what you have written and publish them on your blog. Then go googling again and repeat the process until you have exhausted all topics on that niche.